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In performing the complete building demolition and removal, Peña Grading & Demolition, Inc. can complete any sized project to our clients’ expectations. Our experience, technologies and equipment help stream-line the demolition and clean-up process. Since we do not need to sub-contract any aspect of the work we are able to 
accomplish the most complex of jobs safely and quickly, leaving the site clean and ready for new construction. Whether industrial, commercial or residential, Peña will finish the work safely and efficiently. 


Excavation & Grading

Peña Grading & Demolition, Inc. earthwork services are unsurpassed. Our ability to internally coordinate demolition while simultaneously commencing earthwork operations is almost unheard of in most circumstances, but with a single source for both trades, coordination and scheduling constraints become inconsequential. Earthwork takeoffs are based on either CAD files or digitized paper plans giving the utmost accuracy. Whether the need is for mass excavation or import, building pad preparation, road work, or finish grading; we are your single source for all.  



Our site work division is a perfect compliment to our core group of demolition and earthwork services. In streamlining the transition from site preparation to site construction our primary focus is on providing a no hassle package to our clients, eliminating the need of multiple contractors and the uncertainty it brings. Our site work services are offered only in conjunction with one or both of our core group of services and are not offered as standalone services. 


Peña Grading & Demolition, Inc. is licensed to provide a multitude of environmental services and removal of a variety of hazardous materials. We have experience in full building abatement, lead abatement, contaminated soils disposal and UST removals (Underground Storage Tanks). We work in full compliance of OSHA and AQMD standards, using the most cost-effective and appropriate means to abate materials and provide full documentation. We also have years long relationships with environmental consultants that can be brought in to provide oversight and supporting documentation ensure no errors during the hazardous abatement process.

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