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Peña Grading & Demolition currently staffs approximately 80 employees, with many dating back to the company’s origin. Our field crew consists of operators, grade checkers, and labors excelling at different tasks and skills able to match our multitude of services offered. Some of our operators have over 30 years’ experience running heavy equipment and are considered industry elite by any standard.



Vice-President / Responsible Managing Officer

With over 25 years in the contracting world there is no lack of experience on Michael’s resume. Officially joining Pena Grading & Demolition, Inc. in June of 1998 Michael has worked at all levels within the organization officially becoming Vice President in 2001. Catapulting from a strong foundation built by the Peña family, Michael’s leadership helped to grow a family business into a multi-million dollar and multi-disciplinary general engineering company with projects throughout Southern California.

With a relentless drive and a hands-on leadership approach Michael has been instrumental in client relationships, marketing, and financial planning. Michael holds the position of the Responsible Managing Officer with the California State Contractors License board maintaining multiple personal licenses including A-General Engineering, B- General Building, C12 Earthwork & Paving, C21 Building Moving & Demolition, ASB-Asbestos Certification & HAZ- Hazardous Substances Removal Certification under license #798447. 



Senior Project Manager / Lead Estimator

Tony joined Peña Grading & Demolition, Inc. after graduating from the University of South Florida in 2005.  Since his arrival he has solidified his role in the company as a proven leader and as the Senior Project Manager & Lead Estimator. Managing multiple multi-million-dollar general engineering projects throughout Southern California including environmental remediation, demolition, grading, excavation, shoring, utility installations, paving, and concrete works to name a few.  Tony is proficient in digital takeoff software and also serves as the company's Lead Estimator with a undaunting attention to detail in the bid and procurement process.  Now in his second decade with the company, he has become an integral part of the senior leadership and management team, with key roles in client development and project management.  Tony maintains a personal A-General Engineering license with the California State Contractors License Board under license #946949.



Project Manager / Estimator

Joining Pena Grading & Demolition, Inc. in 2011 on the field personal side while attending college, Marco quickly advanced from the field and into the office as he progressed from a Project Engineer to Assistant Project Manager to his current position of Project Manager & Estimator. While he continues to pursue his advanced degree in Construction Management while working full time, his grass roots knowledge, education, enthusiasm, and discipline have proven to become an invaluable asset to our team. Marco is an irreplaceable member of the Project Management & Estimating team tackling some of toughest and schedule driven projects in the last 2-3 years. Marco has also become our go to for all aspects of new concrete and asphalt installations, utility installations, and drainage structures . In addition, through certification and education he has become our environmental compliance liaison for both project sites and at our facility specializing in storm water runoff, underground storage tanks and hazardous materials management. Always meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations has become the norm for him, he not only exemplifies our company’s attention to customer service, but constantly raises the bar to new heights.



Corporate Controller

With a need for a strong and experienced company controller Walter joined Pena Grading & Demolition, Inc. in 2014.  As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with over 30 years of experience in finance, consulting, real estate development and construction, he offered the company the financial guidance and effective business management skills needed specific to the highly competitive construction industry which the company sought.  Walter immediately initiated several structural changes to the company encompassing areas of greater corporate control, increased oversight, and automated conveyance of information within the company. Walter’s fresh perspective and highly structured approach to upgrading the companies established systems not only improved upon a solid foundation but reinforced it with knowledge only a seasoned veteran like Walter could bring to the table . Walter currently holds a real estate brokers license with the State of California Department of Real Estate, license #01753428, a Certified Public Accountant license with the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs, license #51624 and a B-General Building license with the California State Contractors License Board under license #787674. Walter in conjunction with the officers of the company continue to pursue several real estate ventures vested outside of the company with focuses on multiple family housing, industrial and commercial properties.



Senior Foreman

With 35 years in the industry and 19 years with Pena Grading & Demolition, Inc. Victor brings to the team a vast library of experience to draw on. Being task with some of the most difficult and technical industrial and commercial projects Victor has proven time and time again that experience matters, from job site safety, to coordination, to getting the project done on time. Attention to detail is Victor’s specialty and catching errors before they happen are second nature to him. Clients love Victor’s approach to communication and transparency which allows him and the client to work as a singular unit onsite with a common set of goals. His multifaceted resume includes environmental building remediation, high rise demolition, technical demolition, mass excavation, disaster clean up, site demolition and materials recycling/recovery.



Senior Foreman

With 37 years in the industry and 25 years with Pena Grading & Demolition, Inc. Arnulfo brings to the team an almost 4 decade career in the industry. His no nonsense approach to getting the job done is second to none. Whether he’s excavating a 200,000 cubic yard subterranean excavation in downtown Los Angeles or grading for a new mega retail complex in Simi Valley, there isn’t much he hasn’t seen in his career. Always focused on safety, production and using the right tools for the task, he unapologetically never stops thinking about the project at hand.  His multifaceted resume includes environmental site remediation, shoring, technical excavation, concrete/asphalt installations, drainage structures, underground utilities, mass excavation, deep excavation, mass grading, finish grading , site demolition, slope reconstruction, disaster clean up and materials recycling/recovery. 


Antonio Ibarra, Foreman, 2002

Jose Ticas, Foreman, 2010

Hector Estrada, Foreman, 2007

Joel Reyes, Foreman 2007

Ernesto Hernandez, Foreman, 2002

Jorge Soto, Foreman, 2002

Fernando Fuentes, Shop-Equipment-Yard Manager, 2003

Gabe Adnoff, Recycling & Materials Coordinator, 2012

Silvia Escobar, Dispatch, 1997

Luis Rodriguez, Heavy Equipment Coordinator, 2001

Yvette Hernandez Pena, Human Resources, 1996

Dagmara Pawelczyk, Accounting, 2019

Maria Rodriguez, Administrative Assistant, 2010

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