Demolition Services

Complete Demolition

Revitalization is a constant factor in our business and residential communities. Removal of outdated buildings to make way for the new construction is a primary part of our business.

In performing total dismantling and building removal, Peña Grading & Demolition completes any sized project on time and within the allotted budget. Our technologies and equipment help to stream-line the demolition and clean-up process. Since we do not need to sub-contract any aspect of the work we are able to accomplish the most complex of jobs safely and quickly, leaving the site clean and prepared for new construction.


Interior Demolition

In circumstances where selective demolition is required to upgrade a facility or property, Peña excels in precision and safety. We take great care to assure that the structure itself is not compromised. Often this type of work takes place in environments that are continually occupied during the demolition process. We make every effort to maintain a clean working environment with reduced disruption to normal business activities.

Our team of professionals takes care to target and implement safety procedures prior to beginning work, and maintains those procedures throughout the job.